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Gulab Jammin'

Gulab Jammin' FlyerGulab Jammin' Flyer

Gulab Jammin' was a cultural event thrown at the Vern Riffe Center Capitol Theatre by The Indian American Association.


An Arabian Night Flyer

An Arabian Night Flyer FlyerAn Arabian Night Flyer Flyer

A flyer for a formal thrown by the Indian American Association at The Ohio State University


Tsunami Relief Benefit Dinner

Tsunami Relief Benefit Dinner FlyerTsunami Relief Benefit Dinner Flyer

The Multicultural Center at The Ohio State University asked Un-identified to create a flyer for a benefit dinner to raise funds for The Tsunami Aid Coalition at OSU and Tsunami Central Ohio Relief Effort. Un-identified donated its services.


Dances With Diyas

Dances With Diyas FlyerDances With Diyas Flyer

Dances With Diyas was held in celebration of the Diwali festival (the festival of lights). The flyer contains fireworks, oil lamps and the Indian flag.


Dances With Diyas Program

Dances With Diyas Program FlyerDances With Diyas Program Flyer

This program contained 16 black and white pages and a full color glossy front and back cover.


Monsoon Masti

Monsoon Masti FlyerMonsoon Masti Flyer

Monsoon Masti was a cultural event held by the Indian American Association. The flyer needed to represent the monsoon rains and represent spring and flowers since the event took place in the spring.


A Night On The Town

A Night On The Town FlyerA Night On The Town Flyer

A flyer created to advertise "A Night On The Town" formal at the Hyatt Regency for the Indian American Association. The reverse side of the flyer is for a club party at Bella's Nightclub in Columbus Ohio.